Ways to Enjoy Jalapeño Glaze

The most common way to consume jalapeño glaze is poured over a block of cream cheese, and eaten with crackers.   It is the easiest appetizer to take to a party.  Jalapeño glaze is also great on biscuits, cornbread, egg muffins, & is fantastic meat glaze! 

About us

Our story: 

While attending Texas Tech University, I was invited to an event at the 6666 Ranch where I was introduced to jalapeño jelly for the first time.  I was immediately hooked.  I decided to try my hand at making some myself since I have always had a fascination with canning; however I wanted to add my own twist by smoking the jalapeños with mesquite wood. The end product was absolutely addictive! After giving jars to some friends and family, I was convinced to make more and sell it to folks looking for a unique blend of traditional West Texas flavors. Over the next year, I sold over 600 jars, almost entirely by word-of-mouth.  With graduation approaching, I knew the timing wasn’t right to pursue production and marketing on a larger scale since I wanted to put my degree to work and begin a career. I put the jelly production on hold  for several years, despite the constant hounding by friends to make more of the sweet, smoky concoction they enjoyed so much.  Fast-forward to the first date with my wife where we had dinner at a restaurant that served jalapeño jelly with cream cheese and crackers as an appetizer.  I told her about my version of the jelly I made while in college.  Eight months into our relationship, she insisted that I make some for her because she kept hearing about it from my friends.  I tested the waters with a photo on my social media and the post exploded with excitement.  Sarah’s support and enthusiasm convinced me to fire up the smoker and resurrect the recipe. Together, we have sold over 15,000 jars in 23 states and 4 foreign countries.  Along the way, we decided to adapt our recipe to a liquid glaze to make it even more versatile and enjoyable. Our fervent customer base has been using it with cream cheese and crackers, as a meat finishing glaze, an essential ingredient in cocktails, added to stir-fry cuisine, and even poured over ice cream.  The possibilities are endless! 

We sincerely hope that you enjoy eating our product as much as we do making it!


Wicker's TX LLC - dba Big Wick’s